This service will be performed once each year for standby generators.  It includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Engine, generator and associated equipment will be cleaned and dusted.
  • Spark plugs, ignition points and condensers will be checked and adjusted or replaced as necessary.
  • Timing will be checked and reset if needed.
  • Pest control will be addressed and De-Con supplied as necessary.
  • The equipment will be lubricated; engine oil and oil filters will be changed according to manufacturers specifications.
  • Fuel tanks will be inspected for leaks, rust or sludge build-up.
  • All fuel filters and sediment bowls will be cleaned or replaced. Diesel fuel additives will be used as necessary to control algae and water problems.
  • Engine coolant will be checked and topped off if needed. Note will be made of freezing point of coolant.
  • Block heater and glow plug operation will be tested.
  • Fan belts, coolant hoses, and fuel hoses will be inspected and replaced as needed, and their condition noted. Fan belt tension will be adjusted if needed.
  • All equipment will be checked for fuel, oil and water leaks.
  • All air cleaners will be cleaned, refilled or replaced as necessary.
  • All generator brushes will be checked for condition and cleaned, adjusted or replaced as indicated.
  • Commutators and slip rings will be inspected and cleaned as needed.
  • Automatic transfer switches will be operationally checked and visually inspected.
  • All instruments and indicators will be checked for correct operation and calibration.
  • All clock/timer batteries will be replaced as necessary.
  • All batteries will be cleaned and terminals treated against corrosion. Charging equipment will be checked and adjusted as necessary. Note will be made of float, charge and crank voltages. Batteries will be topped off with distilled water and note will be made of specific gravity of cells.

After all of the above has been completed, the equipment will be run on existing load and the automatic transfer sequence will be tested. “Off load” and “On load” voltages, frequencies and currents will be logged. ALLTECH SERVICES, INC will submit a report to the customer of the entire service and will advise of additional work required or recommended.